Tennessee Valley Baptist Association
Sunday, August 25, 2019
  Tennessee Baptist Children's Home
Chattanooga, TN
Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes, Inc. is a non-profit ministry of the churches of the Tennessee Baptist Convention which provides residential care to children. There are five locations across the state, including one in Chattanooga. Currently, the Chattanooga Campus has an urgent need for food donations, and TVBA is partnering with them to help meet this need. Requested food donations include:
( * denotes products needed on a daily basis)
                    Canned Goods          Boxed Goods          Baking Goods    Seasonings Packs  
                    Spaghetti sauce*          Spaghetti                      Sugar*                   Chili
                    Ravioli                            Cereal*                         Flour                      Taco
                    Canned pasta                Mac 'n cheese              Cornmeal               Gravy mixes
                    Chili*                              Goldfish crackers        Cake mix               Spices
                    Canned soup                 Crackers                       Muffin mix            Salad dressing (mixes)
                    Peaches                         Graham crackers         Frostings            
                    Applesauce                   Cheese crackers           Chocolate chips  
                    Pineapples                    Saltines                         White chocolate chips
                    Peanut butter              Pancake mix                 Shortening
                    Jelly/jam                                                              Nuts (any)
                    Beans/peas                                                          Coconut
                    Pancake syrup                                                     Non-stick spray*
                    Creamed soups                                                    Cocoa
                                                                                                   Cooking oils*
                                                                                                   (Vegetable, corn,
                                                                                                   canola, olive, etc.)
                      Condiments              Sweets                        Meats                  Drinks
                     Mayo*                           Pudding cups              Ground beef*        Water*
                     Ketchup*                      Jello cups                     Chicken breast*    Kool-Aid
                     BBQ sauce                                                          Canned chicken     Coffee* (reg. and decaf)
                     Salad dressing*                                                  Turkey                   Tea (reg. and decaf)
                     (Ranch, Italian,                                                  Ham                        Coffee creamer
                     1000 Island)                                                      Fish
                     Miracle Whip
Monetary donations are welcome and can be sent to either of the following:
 1) Tennessee Baptist Children's Home
    6623 Lee Highway
    Chattanooga, TN  37421
    (Make checks out to TBCH and designate for Food Donation.)
 2) Tennessee Valley Baptist Association
    PO Box 808
    Dayton, TN  37321
    (Make checks out to TVBA and designate for TBCH Commissary Needs.)
Additional opportunities to support the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home exist such as donating household items, linens, toiletries, cleaning products, clothes, school supplies, games, books, etc. Volunteers are also needed to help with lawn maintenance, landscaping, general upkeep, etc. Foster care and Caring Community Ministries also exist.
For more information on the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home and all of these opportunities, please visit their website at www.tennesseechildren.org or contact the Chattanooga Campus directly at 423-892-2722 or paddison@tbch4kids.org.
Please consider giving to the annual Mother's Day Offering to support the
Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes. This year's offering will be on Sunday, May 8th.